You're my Hallelujah.

Ok, here we go, my first Blog of 2018. When I met Kelly and Julius, I truly felt how these two adore and love each other so much. It reminded me on during the first few months of when I married my wife. It was exciting, electrifying, I was loving every minute of it. It made me feel tall, it made me feel strong, it made me feel smart, it made me feel the luckiest man on earth. Although Kelly and Julius session with me was a little short notice because of being in the Navy, Julius had to fly to Hawaii soon. I wanted to make sure these two had some wonderful and memorable photos of the beginning chapter of their lives together.  Every time I photograph my Clients, it always reminds me of how my wife and I never had a photographer to take beautiful photos of us when were really young and about to begin our journey as husband and wife. So I always make sure I give my best and provide my Clients the best photos of themselves, showing who they really are when they are in each other's arms. I am such a sucker for young love.