Man & Wife plus One

So many things have happened in my life in the past year. I have been a bit behind on posting and sharing some of my work. This year is definitely going to be a challenge for me and I am staring to get back in to the grind and take a step closer to becoming a better Photographer for my Clients. So here is something that is definitely worth sharing. 

Several months ago, my previous Clients, Joanne and Chris e-mailed me and announced that they are now expecting their first baby. Joanne was about 5 months when they asked if I could take some Maternity photos for them. I was so thrilled for them as I can definitely remember when we had my first Son. It was definitely an exciting time and a little scary but of course it was definitely worth it. There is nothing like having your first baby and having photos like these to look back at and share them with your children. Life is measured in Moments and these are definitely worth sharing.