A Mother's Treasure

"A Mother's treasure is her daughter" I recently had the honor of photographing my friend Heather and her daughter Sophia in their lovely home. Heather and Roland have been good friends of mine ever since the early days when we were all working at the San Diego Marriott downtown. We had lots of laughs with some good memories while working together. These two were so nice to me, they helped me a lot especially during my first month learning everything all about the hotel and our department. I have watched these two fall in love, get married, and bring into the world the cutest & sweetest daughter any parent would wish for. We had lost touch a little, Heather left the Marriott, a few years later I left. Roland stayed behind for a little and then I got married and had children of my own. Even though we didn't hang out or see each other as often as before I never stopped thinking of them as "not my friends anymore." When I heard about the significant trial that these two were facing, I immediately contacted Heather and offered to take her Portrait. She is one of the most sweetest, kindest, & loving person that I have met. I wanted to give her this gift of pictures because pictures like these are the most priceless treasures a family can have. We should always take time to celebrate our life, count our blessings, never shy away from our own beauty. We must exist in photos. ‪#‎glamourphotography‬ ‪#‎naturallight‬ ‪#‎naturalbeauty‬ ‪#‎existinphotos‬ #suebrycestyle