I am the youngest in our family, my love for pictures started with my Mom who always brought me with her wherever she went and always made an effort to take a picture of our little adventures. Whether it was a family trip to the beach, a special day eating at our favorite restaurant, or attending a special occasion with friends and other relatives. 

Pictures to me as so powerful, it has the power of freezing time and preserving that happy moment, it has the power of  capturing the essence of the person and what you felt in that moment so you can relive that joy in your heart.

I fell in love with photographing Weddings because of being able to witness the love of two people that were destined to be together, the beauty out of all the hard work and details that was put in, and realizing the new life of two families coming together. Taking in all the emotions during a Wedding are the ones that ultimately define Wedding Photography, and to me it is incredibly important to preserve them, cherish and make them live forever through the art of Photography. 


In the moments that matter to you, in that instant where you express love, laughter, and cry with pure joy in your hearts; I will capture truly perfect moments, in the company of the people you love, where all your worries are replaced with nothing but pure happiness.